Pers Hotell photoshoot


A couple of days ago, I recieved quite an exciting message in my inbox. I’m currently working as a waitress slash bartender, at one of Norway’s biggest experience  hotels. I like my job, I really do. It’s a nice way to save money for the future--for when I’m planning to support myself purely from what I’m passionate about. (Which is what this website is all about.) So imagine the look on my face, when my boss wrote me to compliment on my pictures, and to ask whether I wanted to do some marketing job for the hotel this summer.

The hotel is going through some major changes. Restoration has taken place in the lobby, and is about to happen in the restaurant, as well as the water-park. A whole new dance club will be built within the next couple of months, and a huge outdoor bar is on schedule.

My job would be to present the results in the nicest way possible. Soon after I was given the offer, I went there to do what was to be one of my first “real” photoshoots. He naturally wanted me to start with the lobby and reception, and let me do the rest of the thinking. “I don’t want to narrow creative minds”, were his exact words. So I did a design of the pictures in my head, and then went towork. A couple of hours later, I had three final pictures ready. I’m pretty happy with the results: