Wedding preparations


A couple of weeks ago, I made a re-visit to Minnesota, where I lived during the period 2009-2010. Boy, have I missed that place! The main reason for my travel, was that my favorite American friend--Lauren Cooper--was going to stand in front of the priest this late August, to become Mrs. Jesse Jerle. So I got to take part in several wedding preparations, during my trip. I helped out at her parent's farm, where they were throwing a party for 350(!) arriving guests. I was an extra hand at her nannying work, so that she could take care of the hundreds of urgent calls from wedding planners, flower arrangers, mother-in-laws, tailors... But my main task was to be a photographer during the two weeks. Because I got to stay at their house for free, I promised to take as many pictures as she wanted--both as rent, and as a wedding gift.

So, I got my fair share of photography subjects. We did pictures of her beloved dogs. Pictures of her parent’s dog. Pictures of the kids she nannies for. And of course lots of pictures of the precious moments of the wedding and the important things around and about it. Most wedding pictures will be a secret for another couple of weeks, though, before the bride and groom gets the first look from the mailbox. But here are a couple from pre-wedding-week.