My niece.


THE BEATLES- HERE COMES THE SUN Seven days ago, I woke up very suddenly. I dreamed that I got a text from my brother Marcus, where he said he was on the way to the hospital with my pregnant sister-in-law, Marie. He said it was time.

Still a bit moved from what seemed so real, I went up the stairs for some breakfast. I wasn't awake long enough to forget my dream, before I bumped into my mum, holding out her phone for me to read. "I just got this from Marcus. Read it, but don't say anything to anyone. It's still a secret."

Six hours later it was all done. All out of a sudden, I had a niece. A little, tiny, baby niece.

Today she turned one week. It's amazing, how something that seemed so unreal just last week, can mean the world for so many today.

Baby BOOM: