Alana & Joe


This Easter, I had the honor to capture the love between two individuals that had just gotten engaged. This is Alana and Joe.

Before the shoot, their friends told me that I might get some difficulties getting them to feel comfortable in front of the camera--they had never done anything like this before. I had it in mind, and even took some notes the day before about how to make your subject feel comfortable and natural.

But this was never an issue.

During the shoot, I realized why some couples are just so much easier to shoot than others. These two were so easy with each other, that most of the time they seemed to have forgotten all about me. Thanks to their true love, they never seemed to feel uncomfortable. How can you, when you get to hang out with the one you care about most in the world, and who you're even about to marry?

It truly was a beautiful thing to be part of.