Photomania Exhibition


16 days ago, me and fourteen other photographers held our opening night at Te Karanga Gallery.

It was a success, with over a hundred attendees and several pictures sold.

This exhibition has been quite a project. The idea of attending the Auckland Festival of Photography was born several months ago. The planning began pretty much when I arrived to New Zealand. And I just want to say... I've been so fortunate to meet this group of photographers. These people who share the same passion as myself, and who have the same drive to grow.

And we've been very fortunate to have found a gallery with such a great mood to it. Te Karanga Gallery is not only an art gallery--but also a tattoo studio, a tea shop, a photo studio, and a radio station. Jeez! This makes the whole place way more interesting than regular galleries. With a great management as well, this whole experience has been such a great thing being part of.

But hey, it's not over yet! It's open every day between 12-6pm until Sunday 24, so there's still a whole week to experience carefully selected art from Auckland's "most promising up and coming talents". 208 K' Rd is the address. Be there or be square.

: )

Now, some pictures from the gallery that I took today.

A picture of me at the opening night, with some of my work.

And don't forget to check the time lapse video from the opening night. 1509 shots taken every five seconds. All credits to Blackshah Photography.