Guy McPherson


A couple of days ago I was out in Parnell, shooting another event. This time way smaller and intimate than the last one in Vector Arena. The slogan for the evening was "Nature Bats Last", and the theme was "global warming and climate change". Guy McPherson had just flown in from Arizona, to speak in front of this group of people about his views and revelations.

It definitely was an interesting experience, especially photography-wise. The first thing I was told when I came there, was that this was quite a radical event and I wasn't supposed to get any faces in my pictures (except for the people already there on my arrival). But they still wanted shots of people socializing. Ain't that the kind of challenge you just love? I know I did.

But the whole evening (well, the hour I spent there) was interesting in more ways than just through my camera lens. Listening to the chats before mr. Pherson started talking, reminded me how many different views and opinions there are. About everything and anything. In my 100 strangers project, I've talked about how everyone has a very specific appearance, and looks like no one else. This evening I started thinking about how that can fit into all minds as well. Maybe even _more_ so on the inside than the outside.

Here was this group of people, quote unquote "too radical for Greenpeace", talking about how we will cause our own extinction by 2030 if we don't immediately terminate the industrial economy. Daily I'm talking to people who can't express enough of their gratitude to the ongoing technology and innovation in the world.

I know no one who thinks exactly like I do. But maybe that's the charm?

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