Mao's last dancer


Last week, I was privileged to shoot a gala at the museum. Walking around the venue, listening to the string quartet playing classical music... Sucking in all of the beautiful decor and stunning views... It's hard not to do a good job when you have those surroundings to work with.

And already being very inspired, I find out that the author of Mao's Last Dancer is holding an hour long motivational speech to the crowd... That, right there, made the night complete.

Listening to this man, Li Cunxin, you can tell he's got a gift. Well, you understand that "gift" is the wrong word after you've learned how much he has fought for where he is today. It was so intense hearing him talk about his way from a poor village in communist China, to becoming one of the world's top ten dancers. Everyone was stunned by his story and so focused on his speech, you could've heard a pin drop. And I have to admit, I shed a tear. And many more when I came home.

Happy tears, of course.

All pictures belong to The Orange Group.

Canon in D strings version - free classical music download

Thank you, Li.