2013 recap

After spending 2012 in Kiwi-land, me and my boyfriend flew back home to Sweden to surprise my family on NYE.

Reunited with the people I love the most, accompanied by amazing food and fireworks, it was the ultimate way to ring in the new year. Little did we know what we had ahead of us—but that's always been the way I like it.

2013 showed to be the very definition of 'mixed feelings'. Life took a big turn in February. The same day that I flew to London to be part of Jonas Peterson's workshop, my boyfriend called to tell that he got his dream job in that very city. 

In March, the day before I packed my bags and left for my new life in Blighty, my second niece Agnes was born. 

The summer was torn between trying to find photography work in London and every other week flying over to Sweden for weddings. I've absolutely loved every single wedding I've shot this year, and for the first time in years I finally got my fair share of Swedish summer.

That's when my granddad died.

A few weeks later I became Agnes' god mother. After another few weeks my brother got married.

Then my grandma died.

Mixed feelings, huh? It's been a rough year, but I'm grateful that there has been so many wonderful moments to hold on to. My nieces and my job has held me together through it all, and continues to lift me up.

Now I'm looking forward to what's going to be my busiest year yet. With almost a fully booked summer ahead and a personal project that I'm incredibly excited about, I'm entering the new year with hope, determination and a fresh mind.

This saying has never been more true:

Askan är den bästa jorden. // The ash is the best soil.

To 2014!