Sara Lejon - a fresh start

Rebranding is always interesting. And time consuming. 

When I first started my business, I named it Sara Elin Photography. My name is Sara Nilsson, but since it's *so* common in Sweden (where I originate from), I decided to use my middle name instead. 

I kid you not—in my elementary school there were THREE girls named Sara Nilsson.

Right, getting back to the point, I started using 'Elin'. (Yes, like Tiger Woods ex-wife.) Which has been confusing for everyone involved. Some people thought it was my surname, some used it as my first name. I've never really used it myself before, like at all, and it confused the hell out of me when people presented me as 'Elin'. 

So, I've been considering my options. 

Since high school, I've thought about changing Nilsson to an old family name. My great great grandfather was named Lejon, which in Swedish means 'lion'. I've always liked it and thought it somehow fitted me. But since the Swedish government thought my last relative called Lejon died seven years too early, I couldn't. 

A few months ago, I re-checked the requirements. To my surprise, they HAD changed the rules, which meant that I was compatible for a name change. Woho!

But did I really want to erase Nilsson from all the papers? I started smoothly by changing my name on my Facebook, to see if I felt comfortable with the new surname. I wanted to taste it. Feel it.

Sara Lejon. 

Sara. Lejon.

I liked it. A lot. 

That's basically the story of why I have three different sets of names, and why they are all well on their way to become one. I did not get married, nor did I get divorced.

I just felt like a lion.

Just like these people did.