After rain comes... flies?! Not only is the summer still absent... Along with the rainy weather, it seems like we’re now living on the Planet of the Flies.

They’re. Freakin’. Everywhere.

Staffan bought a mosquito-net, and has now dressed all windows with it. He’s even wrapped with the same green net at night, while asleep. (Freaky sight, when I wake up to go to the bathroom.) And still they manage to get in. How do they do it? I’m starting to

think that there is some massive fly conspiracy against this very town. Haven’t figured out their plan yet, though. Until then, I’m trying to take the opportunity for macro shots. Here are three fresh ones:



Today something extremely rare happened. Something that we haven’t seen since months back. The sun happened. When the summer is raining away, you want to take every bright opportunity there is, to go out shooting. So I did. I packed my Canon 100mm f/2.8 L Macro lens, and went out bug hunting. But to my disappointment, all signs of life seemed to already have given up hope of summer. Well, that isn’t entirely true, though I did find two daddy-long-legs, still fighting to reproduce before fall. While hanging on to a withered dandelion. That sight itself is disturbingly accurate in describing this summer.

Close up:

After a while of continuous search for nice motifs, I did find one last living thing in the garden. He didn’t seem too hopeful himself. A bug’s life, I tell ya...

Well, a terrifying Kafka moment later, I kinda changed my macro approach. I decided to, instead of bugs, do some shooting of a thing we’ve been overloaded with--flowers.

And then, guess what happened?

Rain. Rain happened.