My 2015

How do you sum up a whole year?

Seventeen weddings.

71 events.

Six countries. 

22 flights.

I think the images will speak more than words. 

First part: my favorite wedding photos from this summer. 

As you already know, I shoot lots of events whenever I don't celebrate my wedding couples. This year I've worked with some exciting characters including Reg Traviss, Brian May, Tiff Needell... But two of my favorite experiences must be the time I shot backstage at a fitness competition, and the time I photographed a 60th birthday party with a very ambitious sci-fi theme. 

Best part of 2015? My family grew bigger. Within two weeks I got a new niece and my first nephew. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by these cuties whenever I hang out with my family and friends. 

I've done a couple of stories for magazines as well this year. The most interesting one for me was definitely when me and Emelie Hill went to Scotland to hang out with Annie and her mother Sophie Dow (founder of Mindroom) for a day. Two very inspiring people. The night bus to and from Edinburgh wasn't as inspiring. 

One magazine I shoot for quite often is ACCA. I get to come with the journalist and listen to the interview, then take a few posed photos afterwards. I've met with the Financial Directors of Tesco, Homebase, Leeds Castle, ODEON, Reader's Digest... These environments are always fascinating to me (no mould or mice anywhere!). 

Best decision of 2015? Getting a desk. No more working from home. A lovely stroll to work every day. Colleagues who have become friends. Haggerston is the center of my London, and will hopefully stay that way for a long time. 


2015 has been a year of change in many ways. I've parted ways with some and paved new ones with others. The most important thing - I'm finally seeing this city as home. 

In thirty minutes, I'm leaving England to spend the next five weeks in Africa. Can't wait to spend long hours on the bus, in the wild, on the beach, and plan for what 2016 will be all about. 

Until then.