My daily walk

Routines. I can't think of anything more important to me than having them routines, while I'm with staggering steps trying to push my business forward. 

For four years I worked from home—which was death. I currently rent a room in a house, which means I would go up in the morning and move about two meters from my bed to my desk to start my workday. I spent most of my days in pyjamas and I was an expert on finding ways to procrastinate. Cleaning, Facebook, checking what's in the fridge... All those important bits. 

Half a year ago, I started renting a desk in Haggerston. Now I'm working from a room with seven other creatives, I dress every day (well done, Sara!), I have colleagues to have lunch with, discuss ideas with and who takes me out for after work beers. The best thing about this space is that we help each other stay inspired and motivated, and we're becoming closer friends every day. As it is, I rather spend time at work than at home, and I've learnt that there is ALWAYS something to do as a business owner, even during low season. 

I have to say, I had crazy luck with the location. My workspace is five kilometers from home, and the WHOLE walk is along the canal. In the morning, I have time to slowly wake up and plan my day. In the evening, I can wind down and let my thoughts wander. Look at the leaves changing color, how the birds are getting chicks, watching people work on their narrowboats. 

Today I brought my camera to show what a normal stroll to work can look like.