Susanne & Fredrik

Shoreditch couple shoot

"Does anyone know of creative people in New Zealand who we can catch up with?"

That was the introduction to what was going to become much more than a mere meeting. Susanne and Fredrik were traveling around the world in 2012—the same time I was based in Auckland. Being part of the same wedding photography forum, we got in touch and spent a sunny afternoon by the New Zealand seaside.

I instantly fell in love with their typical North Swedish personalities: calm and incredibly nice. When I had a look at their wedding photography, I fell in love with them even more.

Their last stop before going back to Sweden after months of traveling, was London. At that time I had just moved to city and we saw each other for a cuppa. Soon after, they decided they wanted to bring me over to photograph their wedding this summer.

They wanted to bring me to the midnight sun and saunas.

It's hard to express how excited I am about this wedding. It won't be just another job—it will be a celebration with two friends who inspire me greatly.

Saltoluokta, I just can't wait.