A Swedish graduation

Champagne breakfast. Singing on the streets. Dancing to a bass that makes your whole body vibrate, while touring the city centre on a lorry with all of your classmates. Then, saying goodbye to the people with whom you shared your life for the last three years.

If I try to describe this day further, I will just sound cheesy and sentimental. Hopefully the photos can show what a typical graduation day in Sweden looks like. 

Kim & Alex, Ystad wedding

March 23.

My first winter wedding. My first wedding on home ground. And hey—even my first baptism.

Being a bit nervous with so many new things being introduced to me, Kim and Alex were the ultimate couple to shoot. I thought all brides were getting nervous and a bit stressed out when their wedding date was approaching... Well, not Kim. The two of them were so great through-out the whole process and trusted me completely; not only before, but during and after their wedding as well. In other words, music to a photographer's ears.

When their wedding day came, it turned out to be the most gorgeous winter day. The sun was out and the snow stayed put. Their daughter, Laura, was such a sweetheart the whole day and couldn't care less about what was happening around her.  

I couldn't have asked for a better start of my first wedding season.