Carolyn & David

There are some days when everything comes together, and you notice yourself being constantly surrounded by effortless beauty and peace. 

Carolyn & David booked me just a few weeks before their wedding. When I heard that they were two Americans flying over to a rural area outside of Stockholm, to get married on David's grandparents' land—I was hooked. I'm a bit obsessed with both Americans and the Swedish countryside so I knew it would be a good fit.

The whole wedding day was relaxed with no fuss. Everything took place in the grandparents' beautiful home by the lake. Carolyn and her bridesmaid Sue, her sister and mum got ready on the patio while David and his best friends went to play miniature golf. The sun was warm and the rain was absent.

It was the typical day you would imagine when you think of Swedish summer, even though we don't get that many of them.

The wedding was rounded off with bare feet dancing in damp grass. The hour was late but the sun didn't want to leave us; the light just went from clear blue, to yellow, to pink. 

It was just one of those days.