Heidi & Neil

Heidi and Neil, Le Gothique, London

"Can anyone recommend a good #wedding photographer in South London please?"

I replied to the tweet and didn't think much more of it. Shortly after, Heidi got in touch and the week after, we met at a café in west London to discuss her wedding. The week after that, she booked me. 

We got along instantly. What started as a casual Twitter conversation, developed into what was going to be my first London wedding—and one of the most heart-warming ceremonies I've been to.

Neil and Heidi got married in the gorgeous courtyard of Le Gothique, on a hot and sunny day in London. I had no idea this place excited; a minor castle in central London. How awesome is that? 

The best thing about this day, was that everyone was so including. But Neil and Heidi's families were not only welcoming, they were also absolutely hilarious. Add good food, lots of booze, piñatas and dancing to the equation... It doesn't get much better than that.