Marcus & Marie, Ystad wedding photographer


This wasn’t just another wedding, but definitely my most emotional one yet.

This was my brother’s wedding.

Marcus and my now sister-in-law Marie, decided just a few months ago that they were going to get married this fall. Still, they had time to put a lot of thought and hard work into it, to make this day incredibly special and personal.

Marie’s mom is from Hungary, which made a recurring theme during the day. My nieces’ dresses were Hungary made, and the green, red and white colors appeared on cakes and decorations.

Marcus’ favorite football team – Malmö FF – was destined to be another theme. His stick pin had the team flag on it, Marcus’ (and my) mom sang the Malmö FF anthem with her own lyrics, and one of the four (!) wedding cakes was “sky-blue”, once again dressed with the flag.

Although, my favorite detail of the day was probably the flowers. They were picked from the gardens of all of our closest family members. Parents, grand-parents, siblings. With grandma too sick to attend, and Marie’s grandparents passed away, they were still with the couple and the rest of us the whole day.

Here are a few photos from the day.